Musical Center Pieces

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Being an affiliate of the Rosh Chodesh Society, has been an honor and privilege. An incredible educational monthly class for women, including teacher and student textbooks on varying subjects per year.

This particular course called ART & SOUL captured my attention and although this is my first time teaching this type of class, I decided to try it out in memory of my dear father a”h.

Last night’s class was titled Music – The Pen of the Soul. We explored the power of music, the Kabbalah of music and how music is such an integral part of Jewish life.

To add a little touch of decor to the class, I printed sheet music on vellum paper (found in craft stores or online).

I cut out the paper and used an adhesive roller to stick it to a glass vase with a votive in it.

Then I cut out two circles of the same sheet music vellum and placed a mini vase on each one filled with flowers.

It was a beautiful addition to the table with tea and cake…a very feminine look.

This is super easy to adapt to many themes and would look gorgeous for even a Bas Mitzvah or for a chassidishe farbrengen….the ideas are truly endless.


Choose a vase that is a cylinder with no curves or angles in the vase.

Vellum should print perfectly in a regular laser ink printer.

Using an adhesive roller will keep edges neat if you need to stick more than one vellum sheet to the vase. (Adhesive rollers look like this: Roller)

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