Simply Satin Chanukah Boxes

IMG_6223 IMG_6232 IMG_6225And the spirit of Chanukah is in the air. It’s crisp and cool outside, crunchy leaves on the ground and a slight wind to make you feel cozier inside.

I’m taking deep breaths of this Chanukah spirit, filling my entire being with the anticipation of soaking up the warmth and glow of the Chanukah flames.

And I suppose, my next ‘Blessing of a Broken Ankle’ to share, are these mini truffle boxes with satin ribbon, a testimony that I can still be creative in the way I’ve always loved, appreciating the ‘little things in life’ that make me feel happy. A sign that I am truly starting to heal.

These boxes are not only filled with chocolate coins and dreidels but with the love of little hands, beautiful smiles and many giggles.

I am still immobile and I’m not sure I could even describe what I looked like with mounds of truffle boxes all over me, strands of ribbon, coins and dreidels and little kids at my sides and feet. But what I can describe is the absolute soothing feeling to be in the middle of so many happy hearts, filled with an energy and vitality for Chanukah and all that comes with this beautiful Yom Tov.

I soaked it up, I tucked it all deep within me and thanked Hashem for these blessings in my life.

So while life is not all ribbons and bows, I do know that the hundreds of boxes packaged for our Chanukah event, will no doubt be forever filled even once the chocolate gelt is eaten and the dreidel has spun itself out.

Filled. With love, laughter, comfort and the ‘Blessings of a Broken Ankle’.

To make these boxes you will need:

  • 2″ Truffle boxes (
  • Satin Ribbon or ribbon of your choice
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Dreidel
  • Gold and silver Tissue paper

Wishing you all a Happy Chanukah!

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