Blessings from a Broken Heart

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Zeidy with his first grandchild, Schneur Zalman, who turned 17 yesterday, ka”h.

Dearest Ta,

Tonight will be your sixth yahrtzeit.

Tonight will mark the moment when many colors of my soul, dulled within.

Tonight will mark time that stood still and has not moved since.

I speak to you every day.

Straight from my heart.

A direct line.

My only line.

I have cried, I have sought your comfort and blessing,

and I have turned memories into vibrant pieces of art.

I go about my day.

Yet it is not truly, a day.

I go about my night.

Yet it is not truly, my night.

Yes, the sun will rise

And the sun will set.

And the rays are warm

and life moves on.

But it doesn’t move on without you.

Only with you.

Could there ever be a blessing of a broken heart?

You would say that there is.

You would say there is a blessing in everything.

Even a broken heart.

Because all the happens is from Hashem,

And all that exists is from the beauty of our Creator.

So tonight, I will light my shabbos candles,

And no doubt my tears will flow.

My heart will open to the heavens

And I will pray for blessings.

Blessings from a broken heart.

This blog is entirely lovingly dedicated in memory of my dear father a”h.

Where the colors of my soul come to life.

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