PIZZA in the HUT!

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Coming up for air after a beautiful and hectic Tishrei, I share with you our Pizza Party in the Sukkah!

A beautiful and fun idea that can be used for so many other events and programs too! Consider this for a teen event, a social, or even an upshernish or other simcha!

Or simply, keep this in mind for next sukkos and you’ll feel so good that you are ahead of the game!

I have divided the details into categories as there were a lot of parts to this event.

You will need for the Menu:

  • Pizza Dough (my favorite recipe HERE)
  • Parchment paper cut in circles to fit your pizza boxes
  • Tomato paste / Marinara Sauce / Basil garlic oil sauce /other sauces you’d like (look up basil sauce online or other Pizza base ideas).
  • Sliced scallions, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, green and black olives/tomatoes etc.
  • Grated cheese (I used large blocks of mozzarella and grated it)
  • I also served french fries (baked in oven) and placed in mini craft take out containers, set on a warmer to keep warm outside. (Take out containers are 1/2 pint – click HERE)
  • I served a caesar salad and a cole slaw salad, beverages, wine, and chocolate milkshakes , corn flake clusters and cookies for dessert.

At the Pizza Bar you will need:

  • Pizza oven or two or more depending on size of crowd. (Click HERE to see the one I love)
  • Pizza server (click HERE)
  • Olive oil in a squeeze bottle (I like to drizzle this on top of the toppings to get them a bit crispy when baking)
  • Oven gloves if you think you’ll need
  • Extra stack of pizza boxes and circle cut outs of parchment paper

At the Topping Bar:

  • Rolling Pins to roll your dough
  • Parchment paper to roll the dough on *this helps keep the dough to the right size that will fit into boxes)
  • Pizza boxes (Click HERE to order 12″ x 12″ x2″
  • Pizza box labels were from “Watercolor Spring Large Labels” 3.25″ x 4″
  • Some extra flour if needed
  • Marker to write names on sides of box to keep track of guests pizzas
  • Pizza Spice blend from Whole Spice (click HERE to order), the label I used was the same one as for the pizza boxes, just trimmed with scissors to fit jar better.

Decor and Extras:

  • I made a beverage table which had my milkshake maker on it and chocolate and strawberry syrup, milk, almond milk and straws and cups. (Click HERE for milkshake maker – mine is similar but a cheaper brand)
  • Wood style straws that were a fun addition to the Sukkah theme (Click HERE to purchase…you can search for cheaper options, mine were found in a local store)
  • Mini Wooden rolling pins in glasses to decorate topping bar. (These do not roll and were just used for decor. Click HERE to order)
  • There was another table for the warmer, salads and french fries, ketchup,mustard, cutlery , paper goods etc. (I did make some larger pizzas to get people started in case they didn’t want to make their own. These stayed on the warmer, cut into slices.)
  • I ordered the Pizza Spice blend in bulk and re- packaged it with a mini label to give away as a favor. (Labels for this were from “Watercolor Spring Circle labels” 1.5″circle)

Sukkah Decor:

  • I moved my outdoor furniture into my sukkah and it was AMAZING! Created the perfect setting for socializing, schmoozing and enjoying!
  • I set out mini votives in mason jars which I tied twine to to be able to hang from Sukkah, above seating, nears walls.
  • I also tied twine around more mason jars to hang over the ‘coffee table’ with fresh flowers in them. This was a most beautiful welcome to guests.

Wood Craft Sukkah Making Table:

  • Wood scraps and pieces donated from hardware lumber store
  • Wood glue
  • Lightweight hammers and nails
  • fabric pieces, popsicle sticks, green leaves etc.
  • (mention is your PR that Parental assistance is necessary)

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