Rustic Chic Honey Jars.

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Can you believe Rosh Hashanah is almost here?! Honey cakes to bake, menus to organize, guests to invite and sweet sticky floors to clean!

I love this time of year, spirits are up, there’s a buzz in the air and there’s extra opportunity for personal growth, introspection and a closer connection with Hashem.

As hectic as it gets, I always try to keep things ‘slow’, enjoying the moments and soaking up the gemstones we hope to pack inside of us, to keep us shining bright the rest of the year.

Here is a different kind of Honey Jar to either give out, use as useful center pieces or for Mivtzoim!

What I especially like is that the lid includes a unique way to share your website and tagline…it catches people’s attention and adds that extra creative detail!

All you need is:

  • Ball Mason Jars 80z or any size you wish
  • Honey (in bulk from Costco)
  • Wooden honey spoons from Crate and Barrel for very nice ones, cheaper ones can be found in bulk online
  • Adhesive lace ribbon for edge of lid. Ribbon
  • Personalized tags (look for Neue Retro Fancy hang Tags 2″x2″)…click on link on home page of blog that says evermine, to order…
  • Cotton fabric cut into circle to fit lid, plus an extra 2 inches. (I used pinking sheers to get the edges with a zigzag finish) Scissors
  • Expressionary stamp with your Chabad info (which is a great investment that you can use on stationary, cards, paper bags and fabric!) Stamps


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