D.I.Y Tent Kit!

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Sorry it’s been so long since I posted last! It seems that although the summer days are longer, so too is my summer list, dreamy projects and funny enough, lengthier amount of time to actually get to my blogging!

We just returned from a family trip to Toronto to visit family. This was our first trip since our special needs son was born almost 9 years ago, and it was so soothing, rejuvenating and heartwarming to be with family.

It was a time where cousins could meet each other, spend sunny days swinging on the swings and licking ice cream and lolly pops, creating sweet memories for the future.

As a gift for each of the cousins, I decided to make something that would be creative, fun and long lasting! After all, aren’t your best childhood memories the ones of building tents and houses with blankets and pillows?

All you need to make this fun gift is:

  • A large sheet or piece of fabric (which is what I used)
  • Some clothes pins and clamps, found in a hardware store
  • A flashlight or lantern or even glow sticks!
  • A bag to hold all the tent items
  • And feel free to add any other items like a book, notepad, crayons, a mini pillow….the ideas are endless….

You can even personalize the bag with stamps or simply pack it all into a pillow case and wrap with ribbon!

This is a fun idea for a preschool camp project, where the kids could even decorate their own fabric, maybe adding stars and the moon for a night sky! (I would use tie dye for older kids and fabric paint or crayons for little ones!)

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, creative:) summer!

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