The MINI Challah BAKE!

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How about a Mega MINI Challah Bake?!

After an amazing Mega Challah Bake months ago, I’m lunching a mini Challah bake. Kind of the same as a regular Challah Baking class however a nice way to have a follow up to the Mega Challah Bake, maybe for those that couldn’t attend or those that need a smaller group to get the hang of all those braiding techniques!

Something a little more heimish, personal and social, a chance for a small group to get together, bake challah, learn and share.

So tonight, I am very excited about this Mini Challah Bake.

For all those Shluchos out there who maybe aren’t yet ready for a Mega Challah Bake, or would like to add some personal fun details to a smaller community Challah bake, here are a few ideas!

I must admit, I wouldn’t suggest these ideas for massive crowds, but for me, today I thoroughly enjoyed spending a bit more time on the ‘little details’.

Heres how to get the look!

  • Table runner is paper and I thought really centered the table decor! You can purchase it here.
  • The flour bags were an afterthought, once I placed the “Gold’s” 5LB bag of flour in ever spot I saw that it really didn’t match my decor! So I luckily found some fabric bags, stamped them with the word “Flour” and dumped the flour into the bags like a sack of flour! (YES….easier said than done:)…not all the flour would fit, I was left with about 2 cups of flour still in the paper bags but no worries, it’ll be used while we make our dough! The Bags can be purchased here.
  • The Tall wine bags were stamped with a “Mini Challah Bake” stamp I put together using the acrylic block and Hebrew and English letters. Stamps can be purchased here. and the stamp pad is a basic black fabric stamp pad found in craft stores. You can purchase the wine bags  here. I filled the bag with a wooden mixing spoon and gloves and the packets of yeast.
  • The handout I updated with a new look, you can download it here.

challah Booklet in Word

challah booklet PDF

  • The egg cartons are my favorite! I used these for a Purim Farmers Market theme a while ago and saved these as I knew I’d use them again! You can purchase those here.
  • The bowls and deli containers are from Cash and Carry but you can order these from costco and the bowls you can find in restaurant supply stores. (sorry, no link for the bowls since it’s a local store.

So, have fun with a smaller crowd and take advantage of making the evening stand out in a creative way!

Tonight’s Challah bake is in memory of Nosson Dietsch a”h, who’s yartzeit is today. A beloved brother to my dear friend , and fellow Shlucha Altie. May we always only share in Simchas.

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