Torah & Tea Decor!

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A pretty idea for a ‘Torah and Tea’ table centerpiece or a tea/coffee table would be to fill tea cups with flowers!

Simply choose tea cups or mugs of your choice, fill with water and fill with flowers, fitting them inside the cup, nice and snug (especially if your tea cups have a wider opening).

You can use mugs such as the ones I chose with letters spelling “TEA”, and go ahead and make another set of flower arrangements using additional tea cups spelling “TORAH” if you wish for a table used for class material, or even spell “DESSERTS” for your cookie and cake table.

This would be an easy way to give some beautiful decor to your class!

The coasters are a nice addition too, placed in every guests spot, for their cup of tea!

You can also use these mugs to hold sugar, creamer, brown sugar cubes, teaspoons, pencils for writing notes on the class, to make the whole theme come together! (This way you can save on flowers too if you wish to only use 3 mugs, “T”, “E” and “A”…one for flowers, one for sugar and one for creamer!)

To order coasters click the link on the right side of my homepage that says evermine, and search for “Signature Script round coasters”.

To order mugs like these, click here


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