Cirque Du Purim – Mishloach Manos!

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I think by far this was my easiest and fastest made Mishloach Manos!

I bought circus style rubber stamps (which by the way, were not easy to find! I suggest you order online in advance, even from Etsy if you need to). I found the hot air balloon at a craft store and then found a set of circus stamps at Paper Source although I only used the tent and ferris wheel. ( here’s the link to the set I bought…I know… a little pricey but it was the one thing I splurged on and soothed my creative mind:)

Circus stamps

Then I bought a red fabric stamp pad (sold in any craft store that carries stamps) and these cotton utility bags which I seriously LOVE!

The look was fun, circus themed with a touch of retro:)

Simply, stamp the bags , fill with circus themed nosh and you are done!

(I did wrap each Hamantash in an adhesive bag as well as the animal crackers.)

Cloth Parts bags are 4×6 (

Bags for Hamantashen and Cookies: 3 x 5″ 1.5 Mil Resealable Bags (

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