Cirque Du Purim – Dessert Table

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Dessert tables are my favorite. For me it is like a blank canvas and I simply can’t wait to paint the colors of sweet delicacies and delights, watching as the ‘look’ comes to life.

I bought a cheap piece of fabric (polka dots seemed perfect) and lay it across one of my own tablecloths. It was an easy and very inexpensive way to dress up my table.

I also stamped plain white napkins with a circus tent rubber stamp and a fabric ink pad and this added a very cute touch to the decor.

Choosing a matching ribbon was easy and I simply added it to all my jars that were on the table.

I even tossed in some clown noses into a mini suitcase that I had in my playroom and it added that circus feel.

Keeping jars filled with desserts also makes re-filling them an easy task.

This was not only a highlight of our party but it was fun to create too.

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