Cirque Du Purim Treats!


A Circus Animal Cake is PERFECT for Cirque Du Purim! This was a basic yellow cake (search this blog for recipe) and I used a plain white frosting (recipe to follow). Then I placed animal crackers across my cake and cut strips of pull apart twizzlers to lay on top! This was a favorite!


Ok. So we rented a cotton candy machine mainly for our children, because it’s their Purim excitement that really matters most to me. I just can’t describe the look on my kids faces as they twirled sticks of pink fluff around the cotton candy machine, while glittering granules of sugar covered their hair and yarmulkas and sweet sticky faces!

I decided to pull off mounds of cotton candy and stick them onto cake pop sticks for a cute bite size amount of this delightful childhood treat that the adults (children at heart!) really enjoyed too!

I stuck them into a cake pop holder and it was a hit!


Lion Tamer Whips! Who can have a circus without them! Just print this cute sign and fill a jar with whips!….oh…I mean…twizzlers:)

IMG_4013 IMG_4016

Strongman Dumbells! Just stick marshmallows onto the ends of cut paper straws! (I snipped a little opening at one end of the marshmallows to ease them on better). (Paper straws can be found on amazon and can be ordered in a larger size as these ones).


Just little cute animal crackers. That’s it.


Good old peanuts! Just like they sell at the circus!


Tight Rope Walker cake! I copied a silhouette of a ballerina and cut it out of card stock. Then I made some adjustments to make her look like queen Esther! I stuck 2 sticks into the cake that were tied with twine and stuck her on with glue dots! This was a magnificent center piece to my dessert table and attracted a lot of attention!

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