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As you can see we had loads of fun planning our Circus themed Purim party!

We bought tools of tickets and taped them in a row to an entrance to our playroom that was turned into a professional photo booth! (we rented a Photo Booth and it was a huge success!)

You can also use the roll of tickets for carnival style games and then to ‘purchase’ prizes from a prize booth!

Extra tickets can even be used to lay across long banquet tables as part of decor or to dress up a food buffet table. And don’t forget to use the outdoors too if weather permits:)

We always use both our indoors and out trying to accommodate those that prefer the indoors and out!

The circus tent was made by purchasing a hula hoop from a dollar store and then by sticking red and white streamers to the edges and hanging it from a hook from the roof. All you need to do is tie string (I used the clear beading string) to the hula hoop from one side to the other and then again across the diameter.

Then stick the ends of the streamers to varying points in the room to create the circus look!

The table cloths were plastic white table covers with red polka dot stickers. Simple, SUPER easy and cute! Add some red flowers to mini bud vases and voila! A pretty place to eat.

Create different areas at your circus with matching signs using a circus font (check out upcoming post with link to signs) like “photo Props” , “Mishloach Manos” etc.

A popcorn bar is really easy too and fun. Just fill tubs or containers with different flavors of popcorn and set out a pile of popcorn bags. (I bought mine local, but any “cash and carry” store has them, even smart and final).

The main thing is, have fun with your theme and keep the kids involved in the excitement and planning!

Hang a Purim Circus sign, click here to download the sign and print it in color.


To order tickets go to

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  1. Thank you Chana for the ideas. How large are your PURIM sign letters? it seems larger than a page size.
    How did you print it?Thank you

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