Mishloach Manos for our Kinderlach.

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Ummmmm…..I must confess. I kind of always wanted a gumboil machine. Yup. That’s right. A simple gumball machine that would dispense those beautiful vibrant colored balls of magnificent juicy flavor (that would last all of 3 seconds). Now, I must admit, I hate gum. I hate chewing gum and I don’t love my kids chewing gum on the rare occasion we get it.

However. I saw these, and it sparked that child within, taking me back to those carefree, swinging on the highest swing I could find, probably chewing a piece of gum, with my hair blowing in the wind…

Funny how nostalgia impacts us today.

So, for purim, I treated my kids (myself?) to these adorable gumboil machines for Purim.

Each year I create a fun and original package of nosh for Mishloach Manos and although I added another mini package with other types of nosh, I simply adore these.

I’m mentioning that these can also be used for fun Purim centerpieces, even graggers and if your Mishloach Manos for your community is really mini, you could use these as well to package it! (Just don’t email me complaining your hamantashen don’t fit!:)

Anyways, just a fun idea, to make our children’s purim, really special!

(These Gumball machines went with another package of Nosh!)

Hope you all had a beautiful happy Purim!

Gumball machines were found on Amazon. Gumboils were from Munchies in LA.

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