In Loving Memory.

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I know what your thinking. Who would have the time and patience to paint tiny little dots on wrapped chocolate bars? With all the crazy running around before Purim, packaging Mishloach Manos, pulling together the many details for Purim events….How on earth would one find the time?

It’s simple. It’s almost Purim and I miss my father a”h.

I just miss him. Deep, heart ache, heart pounding, tearful missing. And Purim was his favorite Yom Tov. He was so creative in his Purim ideas, it’s almost like his very essence would burst forth with vibrant colors, textures, and creativity.

So, the house was quiet on Monday. It’s rarely quiet and I seized the moment, despite the calls for attention from every Purim pile in sight.

My baby was taking her nap and I took out my paints and sat at my desk.

Just me and my Ta.

And we painted. We talked. We laughed. We cried. We painted some more.

Just the two of us.

And it felt good and sad, all at the same time.

Each painted dot, a memory.

Each color, a thought.

A time, to take time.

To indulge in the raw recesses of my inner being.

The very place where it hurts so much and where comfort too can be found.

And we painted. We talked. We laughed. And we cried some more.

And some day soon, we will paint again.

Just you and me, Ta….

Like we did…

Just you and me.

A freilichin Purim.

From your loving daughter,



These are Chocolate bars wrapped in paper and decorated with puff paints and shimmery gemstones that I adhered with glue dots. These were made especially for some baal habatim who have especially been very supportive of our shlichus. Chocolate can then be wrapped gently once the paint has completely dried, in parchment paper, ready to mail or simply package in your favorite gift packaging.

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  1. These are gorgeous. After reading this blog I see the power and movement in every swirl, wow! May you be reunited with your father with the coming of Mashiach.

  2. Chana , thank you for telling about your Ta . It is so special . Please tell more, what did he do on Purim .Thank you.

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