The Great Escape!


Ok, so it’s not like we are escaping and it’s not like it’s truly a vacation… as we land in frigid weather, baby screaming, stroller and luggage in tow (lots of luggage cuz who knows what we will feel like wearing right?)

And the work we put in, to merely leave our humble abode, our dear husband and children, is possibly the factor in reminding us why in fact, we never do go on a vacation!

But really, it’s 5 days. 5 unbelievable inspiring, breathtaking, comforting, soul searching, heartwarming, laughter filling hours and minutes of sheer energy that gives us what need so badly…to last us until next year.

The Kinus Hashluchos (Chabad International Convention) is beckoning me. AND I AM EXCITED! (and tired, and nervous to leave the kids for so long…and my better half, of course, and worried about the long flight with a 10 month old who won’t sit still for 3 seconds and, and, and….)

So, what do I do, to ease those feelings in my heart, besides cooking some extra meals, buying a few prizes and arts and crafts….? I make charts.

Yup! Each child will receive their annual kinus chart from me and each day they can color in another square. It helps little ones visualize when I will be home and see how the days ahead will look.

Maybe the charts are for them….maybe they are for me….

Either way, I share them with you, in case, like me….you just hate leaving home.

Safe travels to my dear fellow shluchos!

(Feel free to change your pictures based on your schedule of course! This is just a simple template:)

Kinus Chart 2015 word

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