Mega Challah Bake – Wheat Bundles!


IMG_3339 IMG_3335 IMG_3333A wheat bundle not only makes the decor of a Mega Challah Bake unique but it intrinsically connects to the ingredient used for Challah.

These wheat stalks graced every table and really lifted the room to a new level of fun!

First I used a cylinder vase from the dollar store, about 8″ tall and 4″ in diameter, covering it with a strip of burlap.

In order to do this you will need an adhesive roller or glue dots and its best to make the burlap stick to itself by overlapping about 1/2 and inch or burlap. (This makes for easy dismantling and no sticky stuff on your vases).

Then simply choose your ribbon, I used two ribbons and overlapped them, using adhesive to stick one end over the other so it looks neat. Make all your seems one one side of the vase  so it has a clean look. If you stick your ribbons on tight, they will not slide.

Then simply add as much wheat as you wish, I had about 1 bundle of wheat per 3 vases although I would have preferred more:)…. but thankful that our registrations were more than I thought!

Above, is the amount I would have like, but imagine half of this for what we actually used…Still very pretty and you can fan it out very easily.

The bud vases are my regular mini vases I bought from Crate and Barrel years ago, I just tied them with a thin ribbon and matched my flowers the morning of the event. (I strongly believe that all women’s events should have flowers and how lovely it is to come home exhausted and place all the leftover flowers around your home!).

The Tzedakah boxes are easy to make, see blog posts from a few days ago.

The Burlap Squares under the vases were 16″ x 16″ and helped center the whole look. I also had pink taper candles, 2 on each table to finish the look and add elegance.

Here are the links to purchase it all!

Wheat Stalks (20″ tall and 8″ wide bundle)

Adhesive roll for Sticking Burlap and ribbon

Jute Ribbon for Vases (6″ by 10 yards roll) 

Jute Square for center of tables

12″ Pink Taper Candles

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