Mega Challah Bake Egg Cartons!

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Last night we had a most amazing Mega Challah Bake with almost 200 women!

It was an evening of laughter, fun, baking, unity and inspiration!

I definitely enjoyed creating the decor for this event and although I feel like I am still within a deep layer of ‘flour fog’ I will pass along these cute ideas to be used at your next Challah Baking event!

The colors I chose to focus on were shades of pink and a natural ‘craft’ color, matching my wheat stalks which were the main center piece. (see next post).

I had almost everything set and then thought about where to put the eggs!

After a quick search for “pink egg cartons” I found was I was looking for.

Funny how the simple little things in life can make a person so happy and EGGcited, excuse the pun:)

So, if you thought ladies were coming up to me asking about how to make Challah they weren’t! All they wanted to know was where to get pink egg cartons!

So here you go: (they come in a few fun colors, so good luck deciding!)

Egg Cartons



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