‘Mega Challah Bake’ Tzedakah Boxes

IMG_3293 IMG_3292

A perfect investment for all your events, programs and Chabad activities!

I use these Tzedkaha Pushkas over and over by re-wrapping them to match my decor.

You can also just keep these in a basic color, like above and simply change the ribbon color and leave out the label if you don’t want to waste colored labels per event. Or you can choose a black and white label so it will match almost all decor themes and colors.

To make these (which match the Mega Challah Bake Colors) all you need are:

  • a roll of craft paper (found in Michaels or other craft store)
  • scissors to cut paper into strips to wrap around Pushkas (measure approx amount needed, then stick and then trim ends so it’s flush with rims)
  • Ribbon of your choice (mine was bought local)
  • Tzedakah labels if you wish ( Cosmopolitan Oval Labels 2.25″x1″ – click link on the right of homepage to order . evermine.com)
  • Tzedakah Boxes ( Click to purchase)

I do prefer these Pushkas to others as they are slightly larger (3.5″ tall x 2.5″ diameter).

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