Loving My Girl.

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Happy 4th Birthday to my precious Shaina!

And here is your cake. The one we spoke about for weeks a while….the one that needed to have four layers because you are four…of course!

We found this adorable cake pan at Williams Sonoma (one of my absolute favorite stores) and I felt it was a worthwhile investment since I can use it for a myriad of events and programs too.

Perfect for a theme about Ahavas Yisroel and feminine enough to take a place on a dessert table for a women’s event, with fresh flowers around the edges.

Now really this cake is not meant to cut into layers! However, a little creativity was needed to keep to the no-turning-back-on-the-four-layer-cake-idea and thankfully, it all came out as my little one had dreamed.

A special day, a special cake, for my little girl.

Baked and decorated with love.

(recipe: Basic Yellow Cake. Search this blog for recipe. I used coconut creamer instead of orange juice to make this cake a tiny bit richer in taste.)

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