Chanukah Gelt!

Make little Chanukah Gelt envelopes or packets so each child can keep their Gelt safe! Personalize it with a note or decorate it with stickers and embellishments of your choice!

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Chanukah Gelt!

It’s what the kids love and look forward to, no doubt, besides the Chanukah Menorah events, the dreidel games and the endless mounds of latkes and doughnuts!

But what I really enjoy, is helping the kids make choices with their Chanukah gelt. It’s so important to teach them while they are young about healthy long lasting choices as well as giving Tzedakah from their Chanukah gelt.

I am always so touched to hear these little kids converse about putting together their money and sending it to a Tzedakah of their choice.

In addition to Chanukah gelt, I love making a special event for our kids, with fancy cake platters and delicacies, with a project or a game just for them. This year we will be doing ceramic painting right at home! (Call your local ceramic store to arrange picking up all the supplies needed! It makes for a much cozier heimish experience!) It’s that feeling you get that is just hard to describe, with music playing, the menorah burning and enjoying moments like these that will last a lifetime.

Slowing things down. Ive been working at doing that more and more these days.

Things are moving way to fast and what feels like morning, soon turns into night.

I just want to soak the days up and be in the moment with my family, while building community, and working on making the world a brighter place.

So, this Chanukah, share the light….with those closest to you.

It’ll surely make for a most magnificent Chanukah!

(To order labels like pictures above, click the link on the right side of my homepage that says EVERMINE.Com)

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