Stamp It!

I actually found that the stamp pad that I preferred was the “Encore” Ultimate Metallic. It did not bleed on the wood as you see here. So I would definitely test your stamp pads of choice on whichever surface you are stamping so you can test it out first.



This is really easy and simple to do!

All you need is the Aleph Beis Stamps from Shalom Stamps

Sticking these stamps onto the clear block, allows you to see exactly where you are stamping on your surface and also, it allows you to write things easily! Just line up your letters on the block and press into ink and stamp away!

Fun to make dreidels for Chanukah, by stamping and then decorating as you wish! Paints or mode podge or even crayons for little ones:)

This is a fantastic tool for stamping anything! Try fabric, a Challah cover that reads “Shabbos” , a cloth Megillah cover for kids projects that reads “Megillah”….the ideas are endless!

There are more how-to videos on the above website where you can order the stamps!

Happy Stamping!

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