Frying Pan Latke Game!

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A fun classic game re-designed for Chanukah!

Here’s what you need:

  1. Paddle Board ball games (I found mine locally but you can order them online for very cheap)
  2. Silver duct tape
  3. Black Chalkboard duct tape (or plain black duct tape if you don’t want it to work with chalk)
  4. Alternatively, you can use black and silver paint, making this a longer project to work on.
  5. If your string is too short, simply replace it by taping a longer piece of string with duct tape to under side of board.
  6. Small strong magnet to be tied to bottom of string OR if you’d like to make this for older kids, you can use earrings (see photo below), then it will be more like a hook to catch the “latke”.
  7. Brown Construction paper, card stock or even felt to cut into ‘latke’ shapes.
  8. Pictures of Chanukah items to glue onto the back of the ‘latkes’.
  9. Here is a sample of the Chanukah pictures: Chanukah Memory Cards 2014
  10. Krinkle paper if you wish to decorate top of latkes.
  11. You can plan to make 10 latkes per child, doubling the pictures so it acts as a memory game too!
  12. Paper clips

Here’s the how to:

  1. Tape your paddle board.
  2. Attach string
  3. Tie magnet to string
  4. Decorate your ‘latkes’

You can send this home in a cotton bag which can be decorated as well by stamping dreidels or other Chanukah symbols no it!

Here you can see the ‘earring’ closure and hooks, it’s easy to just poke one piece through the ‘latke’ and tie the other piece onto the string. My 4 year old was able to do it but it took more concentration!


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