Ribbon Dreidels.

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Sitting at my craft table, fiddling with ideas for this years Chanukah events and programs, I saw before me my many spools of ribbon.

I have a confession to make, I LOVE ribbon. In as many hues and textures as possible and in as many widths as there exists!

This was really easy to make, all you need are the adhesive rollers, ribbon and wooden dreidels! That’s it. Roll on the adhesive and wrap each dreidel in ribbon.

Of course you could add a nun, gimmel, hay and shin to each side, using a fabric marker or puff paints!

These are fun for decorating your home, hang each one from clear fishing string from a beam or doorway for a grand entrance into Chanukah!

Tie one to a gift with twine or toss a few in a  glass candy dish or on a platter and make this the center of your dining room table.

You can even experiment with this look by adding glitter, gemstones and anything else that sparkles!

Click here for the Adhesive rollers and Dreidels:

Adhesive Roller

Wooden Dreidels

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  1. Hi Chana I recently started Following ur blog and I love it!! I’m planning on making ur snow globes for Chanukah. I tried one yesterday and the finished product wasn’t amazing. What am I doing wrong?

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