Focus on the Good…& Celebrate!

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Having fun with crafting and baking! A touch of ‘photography’ to showcase these desserts!

It is so much fun to decorate cupcakes with flags! And here it was super easy, as I bought ready made blank flags at Michaels craft store, and then stuck on the cutest wooden cameras that I found in a local boutique store!

For me, this was quicker than icing cupcakes and it has a more mature look to it for an older child’s birthday! (lest we get into trouble for belittling the BIG 16!)

The card with which we will give to him, is actually written on the film itself! I had extra film after decorating the edge of the cake platter and used it to write a birthday message on it! All he will need to do is pull the film and read…and roll back!

Happy Birthday to my dear Schneur!

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