Showcase Your Latkes!

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Looking to add that little touch to a platter of latkes? Or how about a more rustic looking latke bar, with piles of sizzling latkes right on sheets of butcher paper, rolled out?

All you need is something to make your latkes stand out!

You can create easy signs such as the ones in these photos and use them year after year, party after party!

Or, you can get some cheap chalkboards and stand them up, with a written message about Chanukah or your variety of latkes!

Another fun idea is to roll out craft paper or butcher paper across a table, covering the whole tabletop, and then roll out black ‘chalkboard’ paper (they sell these in rolls) along the middle. Place your platters, plates of latkes and even doughnuts along the the black paper ‘runner’ and using a white marker write the flavors of latkes or your Chanukah message with arrows pointing to the platters. This will no doubt leave you with a very creative looking latke buffet!

For these photos above, I used a personalized label and a pice of cardboard.

Happy Getting Ready for Chanukah!

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    1. on a warmer, then transferred to platters as needed. For our larger parties we use chaffing dishes, but you can still put a decorative card next to the serving station…

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