Cottage Cheese Pancakes!


I’ll confess. I have always wanted to take a photo of pancakes piled up with melting butter and maple syrup!

Not sure why, other than I have often drooled over cookbooks with decadent photos that are ever so tempting to eat…right off the page!

So, this morning I decided to actually take the time to indulge in making a longtime favorite breakfast!

The gooey, melting effect of the cottage cheese in each pancake brings back memories of being a little child watching my mother flip those pancakes with ease. Just a couple minutes of nostalgia that make these pancakes extra sweet for me!

Simply, add as much cottage cheese as you’d like to your very own recipe! (I can only tell you the ingredients I use, since I don’t actually have an official recipe:)….Eggs, Milk, flour, Baking Powder and half a container of cottage cheese).

I assure you, these will become a favorite!

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  1. Hi Chana,
    These look delicious!! Really want to try this!! Can you please tell us approx how much flour eggs , milk etc… for half a container cottage cheese? I really have no clue 😛
    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Oh, yes, Chana! My Bubbe (z’l) used to make the best cheese pancakes. I now make them for our grandkids and they love them. Our recipe is easy: 2 eggs + 1 cup cottage cheese + 2 TBS corn meal + 1-1/2 TBS oil. We serve with yogurt and fruit. I like to have the griddle hot and going while they’re on the way to visit!

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