A PUZZLING Birthday Card!

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Birthdays in our house are always fun!

So, first of all, Mazal Tov to a my best friend in life! May this year bring you all the blessings in the world!

Here is a really cute idea that I decided to try out for my husbands birthday today!

This is really a simple fun way to make a personalized card! My kids loved writing their little note on the back and I know this card will be long lasting one full of memories!

Things you will need:

  • A photo of your choice (I used a family photo we took during this past summer)
  • Popcicle sticks of any width (I used the medium size ones but any size will work)
  • An exacto knife
  • Glue stick or modge podge or an adhesive roller (which I used)
  • A pen that writes easily on wood. (I used LePen but a sharpie would work too!)

How to Make this Puzzle card:

  • Place your photo, picture side down.
  • Line up your popsicle sticks along the back next to each other. Trim any leftover edge of photo if you need to using your exact knife.
  • Using your adhesive roller (found at Michaels) or other kind of adhesive, stick one popsicle down starting at either side of photo.
  • Then very carefully, use your exact life to cut directly down the edge of the popsicle stick, cutting through the photo.
  • Repeat these previous two steps until all your popsicle sticks are stuck on the photo and cut into individual popsicle stick photo strips.
  • Flip your ‘photo’ sticks over, keeping them in right order and personalize with a pen. It is fun to write across the sticks so that the puzzle in more fun to put together!

Wrap your card, place all the sticks in a beautiful bag or simply tie with a big ribbon!

This idea can be used for a myriad of things including a Hebrew school or preschool craft puzzle, using a school photo or a photo of each child and their name written on the back.

Try this out for a fun kids party craft or even for a camp activity where each campers have to find out who their counselor is or where they may be going for a grand trip!

The ideas are endless and so is the fun!

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