Having Fun with Apples!


Just a fun cute idea for either centerpieces on a plate with REAL honey or a few in a row along the length of the center of a table!

These are simply red apples with a ‘cut out’ shape of a drop of honey and then replaced with another cut out of a yellow apple!

I used a knife (as you can see mine didn’t come out very neat as I did this in a hurry and used the wrong knife:(…. but if you have a cookie cutter in the shape of a tear drop, that would be better. If not, use a sharp paring knife.

Simply cut out your shape, kind of digging to just be able to pull it out of the red apple. Do the same in a yellow apple, judging approximate size (or use contact paper for example to cut two same shaped “honey drips” and then use as a template for cutting.) then switch the red for the yellow and voila! an apple that has honey on it that isn’t even sticky!

If you want, add a fake fabric leaf to the apple stem! Consider attaching a guests name to it or write ” Shanah Tovah  ” on the leaf!

Kids will ove this!

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