Apples and Honey!

IMG_1281 IMG_1282 IMG_1287

Rosh Hashanah is in the air and all the tastes and smells of Yom Tov are nearing!

These are cute little jars of honey that can be placed in every guest’s place at the table.

Simply fill jars of your choice with honey and if you wish, add a cute label or tag with a message.

Either make platters of various colored apples to be placed throughout the tables or on each place setting, and allow guests to pour their own honey as they wish throughout the meal and for dipping their apple in honey!

Remaining honey in the cute jars act as a favor for guests to take home.

Keeping their memory of the special evening, even sweeter!

Stay tuned for more delicious tastes and ideas!


5 thoughts on “Apples and Honey!

  1. Hi Chana! I love your blog. Where did you purchase the jars you used for honey? I’ve looks all over and all I can find is mason jars which don’t seem as practical for honey as these twist off ones.

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