A Lemonade Stand, that STANDS out!

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Lemonade stands are simply some of my best childhood memories!
This summer, why not make your Lemonade Stand, STAND OUT!
To say ‘thank you’ to customers, simply give out a longer lasting taste of lemonade!
These little packets are not only fun to make but even more ‘cool’ to sip!
The personal label adds the finishing touch to yet another refreshing day in the sun!
This idea can also be great for a lemonade bar at an event, for a community BBQ or even as table placements, by adding a guests name and their table number to the packet!
Have fun with this idea and switch around the color of lemonade to pink for a girl’s summer party or birthday favor!
Happy Sippin!
To order these labels click here: Labels (Bordeaux Labels Oval 2 1/4″ x 1″)
To order plastic bags click here: Adhesive Bags
The lemonade we used is Country Time : Lemonade

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