Fruit & Flowers!

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Fruit and Flowers makes a stunning combination and is budget friendly too!

Here, peaches from farmers market were arranged in a pyramid and then the flowers were tucked in right before the event to keep them from wilting!

(flowers even lasted through evening and made it into bud vases for our home!…and of course the peaches were delicious and didn’t go to waste!).

The platters were the most perfect color, borrowed from a dear friend.

Consider using this with a myriad of color schemes and fruits!

A silver platter or tray with clusters of green grapes and hydrangea would be magnificent!

In Autumn, try mandarin oranges and twigs and fresh cranberries!

And for more color schemes, match your plated salad with the fruit from the center pieces like shown above!

To add another tiny touch, try adding a mini basket (mine were from anthropology in a peach color) with a different kind of fruit!

Be fruitful and Creative!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!I hope that you recieved my last email.If for any reason you haven’t,I can resend it.You do such beautiful work.—D.K.

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