Summer in a Jar!

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A fun idea for kids of all ages and adults too!

A simple jar to keep little keepsakes and memories from the summer!

All you need is a jar, or a container (avoid using glass for the little ones:) and a cute label if you wish!

Every summer you can fill a new jar and then on those rainy days you can simply look back and reminisce on those sunshine, ice cream, filled days!

To order this label click the following link: ORDER HERE

(search for Luxe Circle Labels, 2″ diameter) These will fit the medium size jars, just measure your lid first before ordering labels).

Another idea…

Use these as camp or party favors…inexpensive, creative and very fulFILLING!!

and for the adults…

Parents can use these year round to pack in the little things that we receive from our kids, you know…the taped up little gifts, the tiny pictures created with those pudgy little hands, the pebbles, stones and beads that become our precious jewels…..memories to keep forever.

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