Coconut Milk Ice Cream!

Please note that this photo displays my ice cream slightly melted, as I was looking for my camera battery:)…


Phew! Lots going on in our household as I learn of new allergies and new dietary needs, so as I cooked and baked for Shavuos, I found myself being a little more creative in the kitchen than usual!

My daughter is now allergic to eggs among some other key foods like dairy, wheat, gluten, and soy!

So, here I made a DELICIOUS ice cream for her out of coconut milk (2 cans), mixed with about 1/8th cup of coconut sugar, and organic pure vanilla extract.

I simply mixed these ingredients and placed them in my ice cream maker!

That’s it! And it is decadent, creamy and almost like soft serve!

You can eat it right away or freeze for a treat later (just leave time for it to defrost a bit:).

Wishing everyone a beautiful Shavuos!

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  1. I live in E”Y and came across your blog from a link to a link to a link!
    Anyway we have multiple food allergies/sensitivities too–dairy, gluten, soy and a few more. B”H not eggs!!

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