A Special Colorful Birthday!

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Although this Birthday party favor is planned for our special needs son Chaim Boruch, for his summer birthday iy”h, it is a fun idea to use as an end of year Jewish Art Class, Preschool or Hebrew School gift package.

I always like to connect favors to a theme or a person for whom the treats are made in honor of.

Chaim Boruch has been learning about various artists in his special class that he attends, and so I decided to make his Birthday celebration connected to what he has come to love!

This is a very simple and easy favor to create and you can use such a huge variety of mediums to pack up and give out!

Here I used small mini canvas boards with an easel, a paintbrush, crayons and of course I will include some delicious home made treat! Easily packaged into a craft bag, adorned with a simple ribbon.

This is a fun theme to use to add art games and craft projects to the event and will definitely be enjoyed by all!

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  1. Your ideas and presentations s are always so creative and beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing…always looking forward and so happy I found your site….DRB

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