Planting the Seed.


First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and emails wishing us a Mazal Tov! We are enjoying our little Shterna Sara who is ka’h 4 weeks old.

And now as I begin to come out of the baby fog, (just barely:) I wanted to share this idea for either a JWC or other program in preparation for Shavuos.

This is a cute favor idea for a flower arranging class for women.

Here I used a little box and sunny looking label to hold a packet of seeds to plant. You could easily place a bulb inside as well, for planting.

For a flower arranging workshop, you can find a local florist and see if one of the people working there would consider doing a workshop for you and bring flowers from a flower market to your venue. You can work out a price for the quantity and quality of flowers as well as their for their time and expertise.

Invite guests to bring a small vase to create their very own creative floral arrangement for Shavuos.

To decorate the top of the box, I slipped into the folds on top, fabric leaves found at a local craft store.

To order boxes and labels, click on the link on the top right of blog home page that says “My Own Labels”.

There are many beautiful thoughts about Shavuos, flowers, and women for a special class after or before your flower arranging workshop! (see future post with attachment…sorry….computer issues and can’t open file yet).

May we always nurture from within…and Blossom from the heart!

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  1. Hi Chana Chany Gniwisch here. Firstly, not sure if i wished you mazAl tov. Mazal Tov on your new addition to the fam. May you have much yiddishe chassidishe nachas from her and her siblings:) Secondly just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog. Love everything about it. The ideas, the pics, Your messages… I’ve tried a number of things. Not quite the same as yours but worked. Keep posting. Hatzlocho rabbah!!

    Chany Gniwisch

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