Where the Colors of My Soul Come to Life.



Dear Friends,

B”H, 3 days ago, on the 3rd of Nissan, our little Shterna Sara was born!

This blog post is truly about “where the colors of my soul come to life” (my tag line for this blog) since true creativity is often in realizing and appreciating the essence of Hashem’s wonders and miracles, without any fancy ribbon, labels or matching embelishments.

And as I soak up my most treasured moments of becoming a mother again, with my newborn in my arms, this is really where the vibrant hues that run deep within, come alive.

So, as Pesach nears, with all of it’s details, rich in tradition, custom, song and spirit, I hold close to my heart all my little and big miracles that I have been blessed to experience.

Let us take a moment in our own lives during this month of Nissan, where we work towards going out of our own Mitzrayim (Egypt), our own borders and limitations, into personal freedom… from all those things that hold us back from reaching new heights.

Wishing you all a Kasher un Freilichin Pesach and may we always share in simchas!



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  1. mazal tov! and you have time to post!!

    lots of nachas from shterna sara and all your wonderful children!

    kosher un freilichen pesach chanie brand

  2. Mazeltov!!! Beautiful baby, beautiful mommy In body & soul, beautiful blog May HAshem shower u all with beautiful brochas. Love & hugs M

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  3. Mazal Tov!!!!!! What a lucky princess she is! To have such an amazing loving mother! May you have much nachas from her and all your kinderlach Always!

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  4. mazal tov!!! Hashem should bentch you with revealed good, always and only, in a way of ad bli dai!! much yiddishe and chassidishe nachas from all your precious dears! ..ltorah lchuppah ulmaasim tovim, hugs, c

  5. Mazel Tov! So beautiful!

    May you raise her to Torah, Chuppah, and Maasim Tovim. Have a kosher and freilichen Pesach!

  6. Mazel tov on your beautiful new addition. May you continue to have many brochos and to raise her ltorah lechupah ulemasim toivim.

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