A Pesach Birthday!

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How does one make a birthday extra special for a child on Pesach?

As a mother, its always been extra challenging exciting to fit in my birthday which is on Erev Pesach! Yet for me, it’s the hustle and bustle and preparing for Yom Tov and having family around that truly makes my birthday meaningful!

For a child who celebrates a birthday on Achron Shel Pesach, I have always tried my very best to not only celebrate with either a fun Chol HaMoed trip in his honor, and of course, after Pesach with a real cake, nosh and decor!

But on Pesach itself, it doesn’t get any more creative than a colorful fruit salad, lemon ices and grape juice, with Psukim, a Moshiach’s Seudah of Matzah and Birthday brachos!

To add to the moment, these fun spoons, forks, straws and cups enhance the birthday spirit!

Of course, we set out wrapped birthday gifts that remain on a shelf to be opened before Yom Tov!

The forks and spoons can be ordered online and you can even stamp them yourself or for an easier route like I did, simply order them online or from shopsweetlulu.com

So, Happy Birthday to my Mendel and all those who are celebrating a special Pesach Birthday with Matzah, Mitzvahs and Memories!

(P.s. yes…the cups arrived in lighter hues than I expected…hence the more pastel decor that I would have desired for a boy’s birthday!)

Some other fun ideas that we have done are:

  • Confetti on the table
  • Plastic Crazy Straws (partycity.com)
  • New games for Yom Tov
  • A Chol HaMoed Trip

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  1. Mazel Tov on your NEW almost-Pesach baby!

    We also have an Acharon Shel Pesach birthday. Our plan this year is to set aside kosher lepesach nosh that we wouldn’t actually eat on Pesach, and bring it out at our Moshiach Seudah after Yom Tov is over!

    We are also planning to IY”H buy balloons on Chol Hamoed, and to buy a new dress to wear on the special birthday.

    Wishing you an easy recovery and a kosher and freilichen Pesach!

  2. We also have a shvii shel Pesach BD. In our family, we had a custom that the BD child picked what they liked for dinner. My son likes sweet potato casserole, so we always make that. But I also bake him a cake — usually several various cake layers (walnut or almond, meringue, etc,) put together with 7 minute frosting, tinted with a few drops of beet juice. If anything, I think it’s better than a chometzdike cake!

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