Torah & Tea – Coasters & Labels!

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A sweet little touch to add to your Torah and Tea class!

As you know, I am making the ‘Torah and Tea’ class for our Kinderlach, so to make it extra special, I ordered these coasters for their tea/cocoa mugs! They are a nice thick cardboard (not washable) but can be wiped with a napkin if little spills and drops occur! (and of course for an adult class, these can surely be reused, over and over again.)

The labels I will be using for not only these marshmallows to go along with their cocoa, but for the front of a notebook that each child will receive to take notes, draw pictures in, in connection to what we are learning.

For a women’s class, these are nice to personalize a file folder that holds any handouts pertaining to that weeks class, or simply stick onto paper packets for a take home cookie with a printed ‘thought for the week’.

To order these labels or coasters click the following link and search for :

Casual Celebration • mocha  • square coaster & Casual Celebration • mocha • SPCJ1B-04 • square label (1.9″x1.9″)


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