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In continuation with the Torah and Tea  class for my children,  I will share with you a few ideas:

These boxes, I decorated with “Tea bags” folded from pretty scrapbook paper, stapled to a string and tag that reads: “Torah & Tea”!

To see how to make these “tea bags” click the following link or for a simpler design, simply cut your scrapbook paper into the ‘tea bag’ shape.


I used these boxes as a welcome gift for my kids, to keep things in it like a pencil to use for our classes, a photo of the Rebbe, white paper to write a pan. It will be a special place just for their own “Torah and Tea” things, including little pieces of card stock cut into a tea bag shape for each child to write at the end of the class something they will work on during the coming week.

The kids were so excited about these boxes and of course, they can be used for a myriad of things, as well as decorated by your kids, in so many ways.

For this first class, I demonstrated what happens when you place a tea bag into cold water (little flavor, little color, no warmth, little essence) compared to placing a tea bag into hot water (deep flavor, beautiful scent, warmth, essence brought out that warms one inside).

I explained to my kids about our hiskashrus to the Rebbe, our ability to nurture our neshoma, and the beauty in bringing out our essence by immersing ourself in the warmth of Torah, Mitzvos and Chassidus, our Rebbe and our shlichus.

It was a very interesting way to begin this class and my kids really enjoyed this moshul. (especially my three year old who was mesmerized by the purple tinted water from the “passion” Tazo flavored tea bag!…sorry, not shown here:(

Here is the outline I used for our class:

Torah & Tea Class 1


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  1. thank you so much for sharing! I wish I could have been a bug on the wall! perhaps one day you’ll record for us 😉 there is so much good that you are doing by sharing these ideas with us.. thank you and thank you again 🙂 <3 chaya

  2. Chana,

    Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling good, especially the end of pregnancy.

    When I check my email and I see Chana’s art I make sure to click on it and Im ALWAYS blown away! You are truly incredible! I am not sure how you do it all. Each and every picture displays all your hard work to the last deta and of course the happy faces of your precious children– You are a true inspiration.

    This last email you sent about Torah and Tea for your kids was absolutely my favorite! So special! I read your notes your emails and looked upclose to the details of your pictures–wow!!!

    There are really no words to express my sincere appreciation for benign such an incredible inspiration. Hashem should Bentch you with the health and strength to continue doing all that you are doing–a real lamplighter.



    I’m seeing my mother-in-law tomorrow at my nieces wedding and would like for your mother to get to meet my inlaws they are very sweet people. Whats you moms name? Whats her phone number?

    Sent from my smartphone. Please excuse typos and brevity.


    1. Shternie, You are so sweet and kind and remember…where in the world would I be if not for us meeting way back when, in camp, where my life changed and I found myself immersed in a special friendship, exploring what yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit was all about!
      I am just so grateful to be the Rebbe’s shlucha…the least I could do, is share what I have and what I can.
      Thank you for your brachois, B”H, feeling well, due tomorrow iy”h but always 1-2 weeks late:)
      I’ll email you my mothers info iy”h.
      lots of love,

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