Bedikas Chometz Kit

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Here is a fun craft for a pre Pesach activity OR consider making these as favors for a class on Pesach or a JWC.

All you need is the following:

  • Paper bag (mine are from in the packaging section) but any paper bag will work.
  • Label from (click on the link at the top of blog home page and search for “Vintage Museo Craft Charcoal” in either the 2″ diameter or the 2.5″ diameter….depending on your preference and your size of bag.
  • A beeswax candle (found online or at
  • A feather (found in craft stores, mine were from a local craft store).
  • Little plastic packets (I use a 2″x2″ adhesive bag from 
  • A wooden spoon, either from a kitchen store, dollar store or online like these: wooden spoons
  • Twine String (found in a craft store)
  • And of course 10 pieces of bread!

Happy Pre Pesach Preparations!!

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