Purim with a flavor of Farmers Market!


As we all barely pull ourselves out from under the mounds of Hamantashen, costumes, nosh and post purim exhaustion,  I take a minute to feel the good feelings that come along with deep, happy exhaustion.

I decided to list here a few ideas and photos, to archive for another time, for anyone who may wish to use these ideas for next Purim!! (I know…don’t think about it now…just keep it in mind that the ideas are here when you need them!)

So, to start, our theme for Mill Valley, California was “Farmers Market”!

It was a fantastic theme for us and oh so fun to plan!

Here I used some very simple, inexpensive props that can also be used for other crafty themes.

These egg cartons are way too cute to pass up! I filled them with gummy eggs (instead of real ones, which could wreck havoc on anyone’s Purim party!!). I stuck our label into the inside of the lid and used this as part of our center pieces, making these a cute part of dessert!

Egg cartons are from shopsweetlulu.com & the gummy eggs are from Munchies in LA


Just like in a real farmers Market, berry baskets are lined up with delicious, sweet smelling blueberries, strawberries, cherries and more! So here, these fun berry baskets were filled with Hamantashen! I displayed them on our dessert table as well as on each round table as part of the center pieces. I first cut a square of burlap and placed it on the middle of the table and used this as part of the decor.

Here I added a wooden pin, which I stuck a sticker too, to match our theme.

Berry baskets are from www.enasco.com and the burlap is from a local fabric store.


…and finally, it all came together with a mason jar filled with rustic looking flowers, since flower booths at the farmers market are so much a part of the experience!


Basic yellow cupcakes (see recipe section for recipe), with chocolate icing and crumbled cookie crumbs on top, made it look like they were mud and dirt, topped with a ‘sprout’, or a leaf of mint!….seriously….these were a hit!

I used a few ‘garden sticks’ to mark what these “plants” were, and they did get many smiles from our guests!


Our Mishloach Manos was a D.I.Y Guacamole kit with Hamantashen of course (no, don’t add to guacamole!) and a lemon, tomato and garlic! It was cute and sweet and included instructions on how to make a delicious guacamole!

The labels were from myownlabels and can be purchased by clicking the link at the top of my home page.

The bags are from papermart.com

IMG_0151 IMG_0149 IMG_0213

Popcorn kept with a farmers market theme and became part of decor by using these retro popcorn boxes for show.

I used chalkboards throughout the entire venue to keep the look consistent.

Popcorn bags are from www.shopsweetlulu.com and the popcorn bags are from a local store called “cash and carry”


I used dried moss as a ‘table runner’ as well as moss sticks taped to the pole of our umbrella. This entire table became the center and focal point, depicting a typical farmers market look.


I am a bit obsessed with chalkboards and use them all the time for almost every event! Here I tied one with ribbon and taped it to a dowel, matching the other ones mentioning the booth that was available for enjoyment.

(All the chalkboards I have found in various stores)


Ok…I wish I owned these chip holders!!! I love them! They were borrowed but made a fun Grill Station for our hamburgers and hot dogs right off the grill!


A string of tags hung across the umbrella centered in the backyard, which added a little touch to it all.


I love hosting parties and events and I especially love using things we already have in our home for decor, like this easel!


Another cute dessert, using a cake push up, filled with chocolate cake and chocolate pudding and topped with cookie crumbs and a mint leaf! All to look like a little sapling in soil! I must say, these were a hit!!

IMG_0116 IMG_0112

And of course, our costumes as a family were white shirts, with dark pants for boys and dark skirts for girls and straw farmers hats!

Yes…we were quite a scene!

Hope you all had a freilichin Purim!

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