Painted Purim Ties!

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It’s almost Purim and it’s one of those nostalgic times again, where memories of sitting next to my father a”h, watching his Purim creations come to life, seem so vivid and real.

I would sit and watch as colors and textures would break forth and we would chat and share creative ideas about Purim and the project my father was working on.

My father painted many Purim jackets and ties and hats and this truly was his most treasured yom tov.  (You can see in previous posts, a painted Kapote and tie and hat for my husband that I made, that has been his Purim outfit every year!).

This year, I decided to make a few ties as a ‘thank you’ Purim gift for some baal habatim.

All you need (besides a bit of patience:), time:) are ties and puff paints or other fabric paints.

Simply Paint to your hearts content, let dry for at least 24 hours and then package in boxes, by rolling up the ties and wrapping them in parchment paper so it won’t stick to the inside of box.

Boxes are approximately, 4″ x  4″ and can be found in craft stores.

The ties I bought from Amazon, just search “Ties”.

Remember, that while you paint your ties, you too are creating memories. My children were watching me paint, and I could see the wonder in their eyes as my designs and colors unfolded.

With a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I created memories, while living my own.

Dear Ta, I know you were watching me and my children from above…but I miss seeing you down here….wish that I could show you all the things we are doing, and see the twinkle in your eye.

Love always,

Your daughter with a creative Purim spirit,


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    1. :)….you brought back memories! I remember that box too!…in fact I also remember the one my father painted for me when I was in Beis Rivkah…I still have that box….good memories…

  1. So moving! Your father is definitely following you. May we be zoche to the promise of ‘vehokeetzu’ when you will once again see the sparkle in his eye, not just feel it.

  2. Very touching post… your father is surely having nachas on high.
    Love the idea, and especially your painting and design! What brand of puff paints did you use?

  3. where do you get the thing that you used in place of a ribbon? it looks great! thanks as always for your posts, and kudos to you for being such a courageous, real, and honest blogger when it comes to expressing your feelings. simchas and revealed good always!

  4. Fabulous creations. And I got teary thinking of Your dads creative spirit & the twinkle in his Eye. Hed be so proud of you chana. Xoxo

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  5. hey i just discovered this blog through
    and i said she certainly looks like a meyer.. even though i was small (which may be why) i will always remember your fathers purim outfit and spirit. simply amazing what your doing out there! and this is a GREAT site!!! keep up all the goodness kindness and artsy-ness ;)

    1. Thanks Shaina Sara! So great to hear from you! I feel so old! I remember when you were born with your stunning blonde hair! I’m so glad you like my blog:) lets be in touch! I’m actually hosting your brother Zalmy for a few days as he is coming with my brother to visit! all the best, Chana

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