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So, who ever said Cake Push Pops were only for food and desserts!!!????

These are the PERFECT graggers with endless possibilities of creativity and design!

So here, are just 3 ideas for a Queen Esther, Mordechai or a Clown Gragger, but seriously, use this gragger for ANY design or Purim theme!

Here are some ideas and tips and ‘how to’ for these graggers:

  1. You can order these cake push pops online in bulk. One website is: CLICK HERE
  2. Next, remove the top of the gargger, pull down the ‘stick’ handle part, and fill with whatever you wish, to make noise. Note that the gum balls and gems which I used are a choking hazard, so for little ones, consider using fruity pebbles, colored trix cereal or even sprinkles!
  3. Put the lid back on top and if you are worried about kids opening it up, simply use a glue gun to seal or even extra strong glue dots.
  4. Then you are ready to decorate!
  5. For both queen Esther and Mordechai, I used glue dots to stick the tulle fabric as a cloak, as well as the head covering for Mordechai. The Tiara, crown for both was glittery adhesive paper.  The gemstone I adhered with glue dots too.
  6. For the clown, I used a glue dot to keep the clown hat on and stickers for eyes and decor. Then the nose was stuck on with one more glue dot.
  7. I liked that they didn’t have any faces as it has a creative artistic look, but if you think it is missing a real face, simply add stickers, googly eyes or even use a permanent marker and see what kids create!

This is easy and fun and a completely different take on graggers! So have fun!

You may even wish to use this as a form of Mishloach manos for kids , made by kids by filling the inside with different treats and nosh!

Wishing you all a creative Purim!

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  1. Thanks for generously sharing your ideas! I ordered the push up cups and hope to do it with my 2nd and 3rd graders tomorrow iyh.

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