Purim with a taste of Farmers Market!

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So, I am sure you all have your Purim themes and plans set for Purim but you can at least keep this in mind for another year or re-design this Mishloach Manos idea to fit your theme.

Here in California, Farmers Markets are very popular and in truth are so much fun to attend.

Besides the aroma of freshly picked fruit and vegetable stands, the atmosphere is relaxed, nurturing and for me, it sparks my creativity in the kitchen!

So, our Purim in Mill Valley is “Purim with a Taste of Farmers Market”. I kind of played around with the typical words connected to farmers market and added a Jewish feel to it!

So my key message and words are:

Join Chabad of Mill Valley for a
Right from the Roots! (Jewish Roots:)
I have switched my color of labels to ones that look more like chalkboards, as this is how I shall incorporate the various booths of our Purim farmers market. (hence the future posts with this theme.)
For Mishloach manos, I have decided to keep with our theme and to keep things healthy! So in each bag, besides traditional Hamantashen, there will be all ingredients needed to make a home made guacamole (or salad if preferred:).
In our community, I know it will be much appreciated!
We will have these available at our Purim event so that our guests can perform the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manos by giving and receiving these prepared bags!
Wishing you all loads of fun while preparing for Purim!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for all of your ideas your a so creative! Love it. I was wondering if you have any ideas of places to order nice containers or baskets for mishloach manos. I need a lot and, I’m looking for something creative/ different.

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