A Mini Taste of Purim!


A very cute, sweet, adorable, petite package of two mini Hamantashen!

Use this as a favor for a Hamantashen baking event, for pre purim PR, with your purim flyer, for mivtzoim and even to set in everyone’s place for a Purim event! This is also a nice take home favor for after the Megillah reading on Purim night! (especially if this is your smaller crowd…it adds that personal touch and says ‘thank you’ for coming!).

Simply stamp mini cotton bags , using stamps and a fabric ink pad!

These bags are 2.5″ x 4″ and were purchased in a local store. Simply search online for this same bag or you can purchase the next size up (used for the D.I.Y dough) from paper source.com.

These are also fun for kids to decorate as well, so include the kiddies! They may wish to stamp a friends name on the bag and fill with their own Mishloach Manos to give out!

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