Hamantashen Baking Workshop!




Getting ready for a women’s Hamantashen Baking Event?

You may wish to line the middle of your table with cake platters, topped with a variety of fillings such as these delicious jams.

These round cookie cutters are from Sur La Table and come in a set, giving guests the opportunity to experiment with their hamantashen sizing!

Rolling pins can be 2″- 3″ dowels from a hardware store, simply find a long wooden dowel and ask for it to be cut into 12 inches or so. (Just wipe down well before using).

Happy Baking!


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  1. Nice!!! I actually saw a recipe for “salty” hamentashen. Imagine they are somewhat like a knish… Might try it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Just had a marathon hamantaschen baking session with members of our Sisterhood. I found DOSTIX, which helps you have consistent thickness on the dough is invaluable! BTW, we made over 600 pieces for our Purim fundraiser – not bad for 6 ladies and 4 hours of fun!!!!!

  3. actually I just re-read and see that its 1 dozen per recipe. Sorry!
    Any idea where to get cello bags to hold this? And what size?

    1. it really all depends on how many you wish to give. Any craft store should have cello bags. In bulk, simply search online cello bags in bulk.
      I believe mine were about 4″ x 8″

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