Hamantashen Baking Workshop!




Getting ready for a women’s Hamantashen Baking Event?

You may wish to line the middle of your table with cake platters, topped with a variety of fillings such as these delicious jams.

These round cookie cutters are from Sur La Table and come in a set, giving guests the opportunity to experiment with their hamantashen sizing!

Rolling pins can be 2″- 3″ dowels from a hardware store, simply find a long wooden dowel and ask for it to be cut into 12 inches or so. (Just wipe down well before using).

Happy Baking!


7 thoughts on “Hamantashen Baking Workshop!

  1. Nice!!! I actually saw a recipe for “salty” hamentashen. Imagine they are somewhat like a knish… Might try it 😉

  2. Just had a marathon hamantaschen baking session with members of our Sisterhood. I found DOSTIX, which helps you have consistent thickness on the dough is invaluable! BTW, we made over 600 pieces for our Purim fundraiser – not bad for 6 ladies and 4 hours of fun!!!!!

  3. actually I just re-read and see that its 1 dozen per recipe. Sorry!
    Any idea where to get cello bags to hold this? And what size?

    • it really all depends on how many you wish to give. Any craft store should have cello bags. In bulk, simply search online cello bags in bulk.
      I believe mine were about 4″ x 8″

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