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If you are looking for an inexpensive favor with a neutral (and delicious) theme, this is so easy and simple!

I have re-packaged “Big Hunk” bars (KSA kosher) which are a chewy nougat bar with nuts. These can also be placed in the microwave for 12 – 15 seconds for an extra gooey effect!

I packaged them in flat cello adhesive bags Click Here for Bags

And used twine to add that little touch and texture!

I especially love these burlap looking labels as I think they match the whole look and resemble the burlap textured material.

To order these labels, click here and search for Vintage Museo Labels.

“Big Hunk” bars can be found online or for $17.99 for 24 bars at Smart and Final. These work out to about .75c each.

When looking to create favors, take a look at large size bulk candies as even twizzlers and lolly pops can look great…when re-packaged, of course!

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  1. I love this idea and just did something similar for favors for a Student Gala that we are having. I looked into buying candy bags online but with the small order fee (I only needed 100), it was quite expensive. Luckily, I was able to find bags at Michaels that were a prefect fit for the nougat bars. They are pretzel bags and a package of 75 costs less than $5. I hope that can help someone!

  2. Love the neutral colors!

    I must give a heads up- I ordered Big Hunk on Amazon, even checked the ingredient list, but although what they sent me looked almost exact same, it had no Heksher and was the opposite of kosher! :(( The ingredients did not match the ingredients listed on the photo on Amazon).
    Looks like they make two versions of the exact same bar? Both big hunk. Both white with peanuts, etc
    One kosher. One very not kosher.
    Careful, friends!

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