Vintage Lace Tzedakah Box & Match Box!

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Two very easy ideas to coordinate a special and useful gift for a three year old girl!

The mini Tzedkaha box has been wrapped in adhesive fabric and adhesive lace ribbon. On top I have placed a little label which I ordered form (see link at top of blog to purchase labels). (Search for Vintage Museo for this design above).

The match box was decorated in the same way and is made to match, so when it’s almost shabbos, both will be placed on the table, for the birthday girl to give Tzedakah and light shabbos candles!

This set can be kept in a special place (matches safe and out of reach:) and can be used each week as a special addition to the beautiful Mitzvah of Shabbos licht!

Mini Tzedakah Boxes (I bought mine from JET Jewish Educational Toys) however I didn’t find them there but any Tzedakah box will work, even Square ones, like this from their website: Click Here

Adhesive Floral Fabric: Click Here

Adhesive Lace Tape: Click Here

Matchbox (I found mine locally but this is the kind I bought): Click Here


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  1. You are such an amazing mother! Your thoughtfulness for each of your children and what will give them quiet joy shines through in each of these posts. Mazel Tov on Shaina’s birthday, and lots of Yiddishe Chassidishe nachas from each of your children!

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