A Memorable Memory Game!

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My baby girl turned 3 today B”H!

So yes, I have had some fun preparing for her Birthday!

I will share some really fun ideas for a girls third birthday this week, including all things sweet, feminine and girly!

So this little daughter of mine is a ‘mini-me’ and seems to like things delicate, elegant and just so sweet!

She has been waiting for this auspicious birthday which will bring her to the exciting moment of lighting her very own shabbos candle this friday night iy”h for the first time!

Besides a big community dinner in her honor, we have made some little gifts for her that she can keep forever, remembering this special milestone in her life!

To start, this memory match it game is not only fun during the week but especially fun for her to play on shabbos!

It is personalized with photos I took of her doing Mitzvahs! (Giving Tzedakah, Davening, Ahavas Yisroel, Helping mommy shop for shabbos, Kissing the Mezuzah, Saying a brocha on food, Saying Shema etc.)

It is simple to do, (especially if your little girl likes the camera!) and not expensive at all!

Snap some pictures and then you are just about set!

Just follow the instructions online, as I ordered it from:


Mazal Tov my sweet little 3 year old!

(of course this is also a fun idea for Upshernish birthdays! and any other fun celebration for kids! Think of different themes or even different concepts you wish to teach. A great idea for special needs children as you can simply play this game using only 4 cards to start and increase as you need to!)

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