A Sweet Anniversary!

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The 6th night of Chanukah is extra special for us as it’s the night we got married!

So today we are B”H celebrating 16 years ka”h!

Here is a little sweet something that I made for my husband.

A favorite chocolate bar all decorated!

To make a chocolate bar extra special, simply wrap chocolate bar of your choice, using scrapbook paper of your choice and then by layering. Add a photo (I printed our wedding photo on vellum in my home printer in black and white) if you wish! I added another piece of paper, which I tore to reveal a ‘frame’ to go right on top of my photo. Then add ribbon (I used an adhesive ribbon) and embelishments!

Think about the colors you are using and the style. I chose a more vintage aged look:)….maybe I’m feeling a bit tired from frying all these latkes!

This is a fun idea for any special occasion!

You can even add a handwritten note inside your chocolate bar for fun!

Wishing you all a continued ‘Freilich’ (Happy) Chanukah!

May we always share in milestones and simchas!

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  1. Mazal tov! Mazal tov! Happy anniversary & many many more happy,healthy &wealthy years together with much chassidishe naches from all the kinderlach! Much love Nechamah Dina

    Nechamah Dina Broner Sent from my iPhone

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